Tequila is a "mestizo" drink born from the mixture of traditions of wise Indians of the old Mexico, and visionary Europeans who sought to distill the so-called "mezcal wine" that the Aztecs drank and offered to their gods as a gift. A drink with a long history, that through its travels has conquered the heart of locals and foreigners alike.

The word Tequila is derived from the Nahuatl téquitl (work) and tlan (place). The work refers to the activities that have to be performed on the field of agaves. The place reference is once again mentioning the uniqueness of the geographical area where we can find Blue Agave.

Although the Indians had discovered "pulque", beverage created of fermented Maguey juices, the process of distillation was introduced by the Spaniards. They started to distill the juices obtained from the Agave plants, and thus Tequila was born.

The development of Tequila has benefited from several important events:

Nowadays, Tequila's fame is unquestionable. It is consumed in almost every country, and since it is protected by the Origin Denomination label, it has gained a lot of status like Cognac, Champagne, and other fine beverages.