Penca Azul, like other fine tequilas is elaborated following a long and careful process. Every single detail, from the region where the plants are harvested, to the type of oven used, to the special oak barrel where Penca Azul is rested, is particularly looked into to guarantee a superb end product.

After waiting 10 to 12 years the Agave plant is harvested. "El Jimador", named because of the long sickle knife called jima, cuts all the pencas (the agave's leaves). He then takes out of the ground the big head of the agave. It is from the head where we obtain all the sweet honeys of the plant.

The Agave heads are taken to the patios of the distillery, so the process can start. The Agaves are put into the masonry ovens, where they will be cooked. During and after the cooking process, the plants deliver a very sweet juice that is called "mosto". It is this juice that will be transformed into tequila. The cooking process takes from 30 to 36 hours, and after the agave plant is cooked it will remain in the oven till it cools down and all the sweet juices drain to the tanks. Since the plant still has plenty of juice in it, the next step in the process is to chop the plant to extract all the juice from the fibers.

All the juice or "mosto vivo" is then passed to the fermenting tanks. It is in these tanks where Penca Azul develops its unique flavoring. The fermentation is done with natural yeast. Penca Azul's yeast is very carefully cultivated so we can maintain the uniqueness of our flavors. After 72 hours the yeasts transform the "mosto vivo" into "mosto muerto", this means that the sugar content is transformed to alcohol by the yeast.
Once the fermenting of the "mosto" is finished then we distill the "mosto" in copper stills. Penca Azul is doubled distilled, in the traditional way, taking away the "cabezas" and "colas" which give bad and strong flavors to tequila. The tradition says that tequila must be doubled distilled and not tripled distilled, since it is with a double distillation process where you are able to maintain the unique flavors that tequila has, but making sure you deliver a pure silver tequila.

A good reposado is the one that has the perfect combination between the flavors of tequila and the flavors of White Oak Barrels. Penca Azul is kept in oak barrels for a period of 6 months. The 180 liter oak barrels are filled, stored in rows and let to rest under close inspection by the Ruiz family. After the required time has passed, bottling and packing completes the plant work, and Penca Azul is ready to reach the final customer.